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My Free wavepad standard editor now demands money

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Merlin    0

Hi, I have been running the free version of Wavepad for a year. I am landed with the task of some urgent sound editing. I visit its website, assume the latest FREE version would be worth installing as it may bring in some extra goodies to assist. I also download the MASTERS version free trial as I may try this out sometime also, even that has a free trial period.

I see that both files are the same name but having downloaded to separate named folders, with the free one first to a folder called standard wavePad thats no problem.


I install the free one, I made no mistake, definitely the free one, opt for the burner and other extras during install, they all prompt me for money and trial expired, I dont usually need them so skip these. Cause PC crash. reboot.

launch my fully functional wavepad and it says trial expired, please purchase and closes on me !!!! :angry:


It simply refuses me access now and leaves me no alternative but to pay money to continue using the free program !!!!!!!!!

At top of screen it now says Masters , so I reckon that file downloaded from the free link has the wrong file associated with it.


Even so, the website says:-

A full list of WavePad Masters Edition's features follow but a quick way to try it out is to download and install now. You don't need to purchase to download and it only takes a couple of minutes to complete the process (click here to install). After you have tested Masters Edition and love it, you can purchase a location license (click here to purchase).


so it should still be free, for the moment, even if it is the wrong file linked to NCH download button.


What is going on, now I cannot do the urgent work.


All I can think is that wavepad site doesnt give download of the free one when you click download, and it saw that the existing one has been used longer than its trial period for Master, so as its gone on as Master, it says expired.


Google said Free music editing software for the NCH site, , first page it has and the only page, download button, so one assumes thats it, then it screws up the free prog I already had....just great !


Any way out of this please anyone ?



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