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How to make copied text clip unique

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I would like to copy a text clip and paste it throughout my video so that all the text has the same format, and then change parts of the text in each pasted text clip. The problem is that every time I copy the text clip and paste it elsewhere, I cannot change one pasted text clip without changing them all.

How can I make the text clip unique once it is pasted into the timeline?


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That's going to happen because the same clip (from the bin) is being used for each time-line paste.

Right-click the clip in the bin and COPY.  Then right-click PASTE CLIP...as many times as you will need it.  Dupes will appear, each with a different number.

Drop each uniquely numbered clip into the time line where you want it, then click a clip to change its text.  Only that clip will be affected.

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