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Hi newbie here, name of Marc from the UK. A quick question if I may, is an integrated HD630 graphics card handle normal video editing. Rest of specs are, i7 16GB RAM 1TB Hard drive 128GB SSD. Any advice welcome, TBH I have no idea, and not a lot of money. Thanks in advance.


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Thanks borate, but those replies are all over the place. I have seen some threads where you have contributed, you obviously know your stuff, I  don't. I'll give you clue, I was at school when they launched the pocket calculator, and we were not allowed to use it! Considering I use a Medion AIO that is 7 years old and it works is a miracle or a testament to Videopad you choose. I hope this doesn't come across to blunt, but I'm about to spend for me, a lot of money and would like the best I can get.  Will I be able to use an integrated graphics card or does experience dictate I need a separate video card. May sound short and aggressive,   it isn't really.



I have this option

  • 16GB RAM; 256GB SSD and 1TB storage; NVIDIA GTX 950M 4GB
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The various benchmark sites, video card forums, and CG gurus may be your best bet in reaching a consensus.  Video editing is resource intensive.  While an integrated card may suffice, it's not going to be optimal for extensive video production, high-end gaming, complex graphics and the like.

Others who have real-world expertise may chip in here.

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