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exporting issues

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I recorded a video on my laptop with VP and edited it. When I ried to export it I was told to upgrade to a paid  version - I registered, paid and now have a licenced version. When I trIed to export my 30 minute video to Google drive (a counselling session so nothing major) the first time it took 12 hours and then nothing actually landed in google rive. I watched serveral tutorials and tried again, this time with some changes and exporting to my files- it still exporting  after 6 hours and only half done and at the 17 minute mark in the video. When I try to ask for tech help I am traeted like a non paying version. What am I doing wrong?? I am at my wits end as this is an overdue assessment task. 

Have just checked after a few more hours - export failed!! Please help me



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Three things to try...

Export as a VIDEO FILE, instead of to Drive.  Mp4 format at the auto-detected resolution might be good choice.  Then, apart from Videopad, open Drive and upload your file.

In Videopad, under OPTIONS|EDITING toggle the "accelerated hardware" choice to the other state, and see if that speeds up the export.

When using Videopad, shut down background programs so the PC can concentrate on the task at hand.  Video editing is resource intensive.

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