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janet h

exporting to dropbox

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I have wavepad standard, I saved edited files as mp3. When I export to dropbox, it does so as wave Pad  app. How do I export it to Drop Box as a mp3 And how do I send it to a different dropbox than what is set up on the computer.

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I admit to being a bit confused by your post; I have never ‘exported’ a file from WavePad – I just save them into folders. (‘Save File As’)

Here is how I would recommend performing your task...

Once the file has been edited, save it with a name and file type (mp3). If there are multiple files, I would create a new folder (on your desktop, or wherever you prefer to save such things)

To upload to dropbox: Open your Dropbox. Select – and Copy - the files/folder you wish to share/upload – and then Paste onto your dropbox. Fairly simple procedure; you are uploading files – not WavePad projects.

Hope that helps?


Also, regarding sharing dropbox folders/files. I'm unclear about what you mean by sending it to a different dropbox, but this is how I usually share dropbox files.

With your Dropbox window open, Right click on the file/folder - this opens a list  - select 'Copy Dropbox link.' Now you can paste this link wherever you wish. For instance, in a facebook message, or in an email. 



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