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  1. What VP version I'm using is Videopad V7.39
  2. Hello, so recently. I was working some videos and I have finished one, so i've exported it to 1080p 60fps. I've watched the video to see if its perfect or not. Once I get to the next shot. I've noticed the last frame was still there, and not the source I've put on there. I't was very weird discovery that VideoPad cannot do that 🤔 It also happens to some scenes which is weird... So I've tried for days and days. I've tried spiting the last frame and slowing it down, It didn't work. I've tried adding non edited effects like the mask tool, also I cleaned the cache. It still didn't work. Now were here and i'm about to loss it.. 😤Can someone figure this out? I've really wan't to support my fans but not without bugs and GLITCHES! Please... its help or moving to another video editing software. 😢 - GodGabriel2000 2019
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