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  1. Older Version (Don't like new)

    Okay, so I've used videopad on my desktop for 2 years and I just installed it on my laptop, and I guess I have never updated it on my desktop but I really like the old layout much better then the new one and was just curious if it is possible to downgrade to a version closer to 4.2 if I have already purchased a license.
  2. Extremely Slow Preview

    Okay, so I did the File\Save\Save as Portable Project" and that's all I got from it. Am I just supposed to upload the footage and the song used too now?
  3. Extremely Slow Preview

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/829bzt2dx3aaxgx/Csgo Video.vpj?dl=0 If there's any issues just let me know, but I think it's good to go
  4. Extremely Slow Preview

    Yeah, I actually did try that, it definitely helped but it's still pretty unusable. It shows it's loaded/rendered but every time, no matter how many times it "loads" it it always freezes up.
  5. Extremely Slow Preview

    Okay, I believe I have it in a dropbox, do you know of anyone, or maybe yourself that could take a look?
  6. Extremely Slow Preview

    Test it, as in see if it's just my laptop or it lags them aswell? It's super basic but I can try
  7. Extremely Slow Preview

    On my PC which has fairly close specs to my laptop I just purchased (HP Envy x360 I7) it's extremely frustrating to try to edit anything in videopad with how bad the preview is. I've done barely anything, to a 20 second clip, yet every time I try to watch it in the editor it says "Building Preview Please Wait". Does anyone struggle with this? I literally can't even tell how the video looks because every time I get to a part that's slightly edited it freezes or the music gets way off sync, or sometimes it even plays random footage that has been deleted already. Never had this trouble with the earlier version on my desktop. Any ideas? Even lowering the resolution to complete garbage results in it freezing.
  8. Transferring Videopad

    Thank you very much! Basically, I'd get a 10 dollar discount and that's about it. Thank you however for answering my question!
  9. Transferring Videopad

    I downloaded the windows link but it just downloaded another home use non commercial version? Can I have an explanation or any directions at all?
  10. Transferring Videopad

    Hello, I have purchased videopad on my home desktop over 3 years ago, and I just recently purchased a laptop that I was hoping I wouldn't have to rebuy videopad on. I copied the NHC software files onto my laptop VIA USB stick, and it booted up but I noticed it said non-commercial use only and it appears to be only a demo or, the free version. I understand piracy is a big issue, however I wondered if there was anyway that I could confirm that I will delete it on the desktop and transfer the licensed version to my laptop. I would have no issue with not being able to use it on my desktop as long as I can get a licensed version on my laptop. Help me please!