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  1. Once in awhile Switch converted a file which easily transferred to the 'Amazing Slow Downer'. Unfortunately I'm in the same boat as I don't whether nor when the software will work. As for premium support, I believe there should be intermediate support rather then a forum and the company's bizarre challenge to hold off on any recommendation unless paid......that's plain cold. Had I noticed, not a grand forte of mine, I'd stay with the free version. Like paying for an upgrade with questionable software performance issues only, I feel this is a perverse way of taking people, who are trying to do the right thing by monetary reward for their efforts. We learn it doesn't always pan out. Before security got severe anyone, all of us could have put many, many instruments on a separate drive. Looking back now, that was the smart thing to do, and completely justified. Miffed
  2. I had difficulty getting in touch as support that's paid for even appears to be telephone related. Really just a little anguish from my seven years with switch, before looking to the 'hospitable' or not, so as an assist or a few pages. The demo was so easy. So I'm just blowing off steam, unless someone has found a helpful format that applies to the software for v4.94 intel. here goes........... I bought this for about $30.00 sometime ago. I haven’t seen any updates, and have difficulty with the software at times. These days the menu doesn’t display in a usable fashion. Not quite sure of the purchase, guess I liked the demo. I wasn’t aware of the limitations on audio conversion from video which worked, (if I recall correct), on trying out the software. I thought it was pretty cool to just drag a file over and convert in some manner. Seemed automated which works for me as computer programs that takes dedication and much effort from the user isn’t for me. I’ve noticed a number of companies have better demos than they are when later purchased. Kind of ironic with all the saints saying to pay. Frankly I did better before, and if I used any discretion would have troves of wonderful software. I see the program is half the price I paid, not many users, and as limited support as ever (no manual for when the software stopped doing its job, or needed mor encouragement. I think they’’re great programs, which makes great sense until noticing that by the time another use comes up, another program needs to be purchased. Sorry about all the negativity, but it has worked when Switch ‘feels like it’….lately not much. Did I not register properly. The YouTube back up advice is not a great way to go. Had I noticed the conversions were limited, the menu grey, and no text to refer to, I may have had greater reservations. Though fairly consistent with luck for attempting to be honest in regards to paying guys that think this stuff up. Something to do with registering proper like?? Since joining the forum, there is a contact form, which is encouraging.Thank You for checking this for me, Nathan Sady
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