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  1. Once in awhile Switch converted a file which easily transferred to the 'Amazing Slow Downer'. Unfortunately I'm in the same boat as I don't whether nor when the software will work. As for premium support, I believe there should be intermediate support rather then a forum and the company's bizarre challenge to hold off on any recommendation unless paid......that's plain cold. Had I noticed, not a grand forte of mine, I'd stay with the free version. Like paying for an upgrade with questionable software performance issues only, I feel this is a perverse way of ta
  2. I had difficulty getting in touch as support that's paid for even appears to be telephone related. Really just a little anguish from my seven years with switch, before looking to the 'hospitable' or not, so as an assist or a few pages. The demo was so easy. So I'm just blowing off steam, unless someone has found a helpful format that applies to the software for v4.94 intel. here goes........... I bought this for about $30.00 sometime ago. I haven’t seen any updates, and have difficulty with the software at times. These days the menu doesn’t display in a usable fashion. Not quite sur
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