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  1. Hi there, did the free version "Josh" sent you continue to work, or was that just the same?
  2. So Clemenzina, is the free verson still working ?
  3. Nope,it was the free trial version from your link. It now has a watermark across the bottom of the window and refuses to record MKV files. I understand having a trial version that expires, but you should be upfront about it. Saying that there is a fully operational version free for home use is simply not true. It is only fully operational for a limited period of time. Your software is actually quite good so I can see no reason to be misleading in your descriptions.
  4. Josh, I downloaded and installed the free version (3.1) 2 weeks ago. Each time it started it asked me to confrm that it was for home use only, which it was. When I ran it this morning, it told me my 2 weeks evaluation period had expired and I would have to buy a licence. The top of the software window still read "Unlicensed Free Version" Is this correct?
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