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  1. For me still working, with free you can only only record screen as .avi, .asf and .wmv anything else asks if you want to buy full software. Not sure what other limitations there's as I haven't used it at all, only done a couple of test.
  2. My version today also had the same asking if it was a Home user, The top bar shows as "Non-commercial home use only", will it expire in 2 weeks too?
  3. Thanks Josh, that's great having a Free version for home users, ideal for me as I won't use it very often, is only personal use so even if it was to have a watermark or something on the video I wouldn't mind.
  4. Hi Can anyone explain the difference and restriction on each type of license? It will be for a home use but if a Professional edition gives something that the Home edition doesn't give I might prefer the Professional, or is only a license issue that a Home version cannot be use if you are a Business? Also what restrictions is there on the Free versions ( length of recordings, watermarks, etc) compare to the purchase versions, as I only might use it once every few weeks/months maybe a free version will work for me. Thanks
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