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  1. Hi Roseanne - I use TEAMS, at work and tried recording a TEAMS presentation, but the audio from TEAMS does not record on the video recording - don't know why as it comes through on my Win10 Pro. T
  2. I have the HeyMic bluetooth lapel mic & need to record a separate audio stream when doing my videos. Currently testing the free version of RecordPad app on my iPhone. I don't see an option on RecordPad to connect to my lapel mic which I will put on the speakers I am video recording. Is this possible to do OR a feature to add to the RecordPad app ?
  3. I have a licensed copy of Debut & love - works well. Lately there are some TEAMS meetings I started recording, for my own notes & reference. The video records fine, but not the audio. Running on Win 10 Pro and tried all 3 settings but must be a way to record the audio from Microsoft TEAMS ? Thanks - Terry
  4. Here's my wish - I am doing a 2 camera shoot - soon will be experimenting with 3 cam shoot - so I now have 2 streams of video & I want to cut between each stream at the ideal moment - really seconds to capture a facial expressions - currently cannot do because seems like all the video editors "can only monitor/display 1 camera at a time. What I need is a display of all 3 streams so I can see everything that is on each of 3 camera's at the same time so I know at what exact second to cut to the other camera. It is the same process as a producer of a live or direct-to-disk event where the producer watches all camera's and cuts to each camera. Amazed that it's 2019 and we still don't have a video editor that can do this ? I just finished a 2-camera shoot editing & it was a lot of peeking, poking, farting around, move this up 2 secs, back that up 3 secs. Just takes too much time to get a nice finished. A lot of going back and forth. Next one I will go crazy. Ideas? Thoughts ?
  5. Thanks so much Borate ! I will read both again and try T
  6. Thanks everyone for your replies - yes, I have the 2 video overlay bit, cut, delete, etc The problem - it would be nice to see both videos playing so I can see in both - simultaneously - what is on at the time I want to make the cut - otherwise, without, all I am doing is taxing my memory, backing up & sometimes not cutting at the right second, as when 1 person stops talking & the other is responding to a question. Much like a live TV video producer where he can see all the camera feeds and picks, on-the-fly, which cam to switch to. Prepping the 2 videos - With 2 cams, 1 has the master audio. So I first copy the master audio from the master cam & sync to the other video. Then I save both videos as MP4's. Now I am ready to bring in both videos into my editing set, knowing that the master audio is properly sync'd & attached to each video. Without that, moving the video just a second, unsyncs the audio, makes a mess, etc. I don't think there is any other way around this part ? T
  7. TDDK

    2-camera editing

    I am editing video from a 2 camera shoot, now editing to mix into 1 stream. Would be fantastic to have both videos displayed so can switch between cam #1 & cam#2 at just the right moment. Right now, the last video I added to the timeline is the one I see in the output window. Is there anyway that videopad can do such? So I want to play both cam#1 & cam#2, synchronized so the audio matches, and see exactly what I am going to switch to. This is very much what a TV station producer/director has - all cam feeds displayed and they can pick (on-the-fly) which cam to switch to. And I want to be able to switch to the other cam when I can see what is happening on it (and not just on the one that is playing). And if not, can premiere or other higher end editors do? Thx
  8. TDDK

    Split Screen Video

    Yes - Thanks everyone for this - I created several test vids with split screen - 2 resultant methods - there is the one where only the left or right side of your vid is used - the other is when the entire screen is used for the left & right - the latter is easier to do as you don't have to remember to video your key content on the proper 1/2 of your source video you are creating - results in MP4 final video are what I wanted ;)
  9. TDDK

    Split Screen Video

    Yes - Thank-You - this does it well. I don't need to use the splitscreen feature either - just scaled down to 0.5 (keep AR) then A clip at -25 horizontal & B clip 25 horizontal - vertical is 0 Wow - Thanks
  10. TDDK

    Split Screen Video

    OK - Thanks for this - just got it going - using 2 screen horizontal - A vid on left & B vid on right - but what I see is that vid A must be recorded such that what I want to show in the final split screen is recorded in the left half - and what I want on the B vid must be recorded such that the subject is in the right 1/2 of the source vid. My end goal - I often video speakers doing PPT's & guess what - the light is so intense from the PPT screen that the video camera adjusts accordingly to the brightest & leaves the speaker totally dark & invisible. So I want to do my first where I video the PPT on camera #1 & the speaker on camera #2 - I am using a 2-camera setup. I really want the full video (not 1/2) on the left half & the FULL video (not half) in the right 1/2 Can VP do this ? I can't see it from the options
  11. TDDK

    Split Screen Video

    Is VideoPad capable of creating a split screen video from 2 source videos - 2 videos playing simulataneously in 1 video - vertical split in screen for 50/50 view of both ?
  12. Thanks to you both - I will try a test case with these - sure would hate to have 3 or more videos to pull from - of course, I have to pic the exact second when I should switch to next video - usually when the host or other person starts to speak to keep the splitting in close sync to the change in conversation, etc.
  13. OK - I have an interview with me & my subject - 2 camera's recorded video - 1 camera captures both of us - the 2nd camera is only on my subject - my goal is to merge clips from both into 1 stream, so when I am asking a question, we are on 1 video together - when my subject is answering, I want to use the 2nd video - I do this interactive for the full 20 mins of the interview. How do I do this ? online searches shows joining 2 separate videos together - duh - like that is so difficult. First time doing a 2 video shoot, now editing so I get 1 - hoping I could have all video in parallel and I could switch interactively between vid1 & vid2. Any ideas ? T
  14. TDDK

    Reverse Video Problem

    Ok - solved - I also insert a 2 sec fade-in at the start - removed it and it plays ok now - so don't add fade-in when using both reverse & speed-up feature on clips Thanks T
  15. I have a 10 sec clip that I reversed and sped up by 4x - plays ok in VP vers 7.24 But when I export to MP4 1920 x 1080, it does not play but instead is a still at the original opening page. Any ideas ? Reverse feature not much good if it cannot play in a MP4 player - played on both VLC & Windows Media Player on Win 10 pro & V7.24 VP Thx
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