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  1. TDDK

    Smudge Background Faces

    In my video how can I cover up some faces in the background that don't want to be recognized or visible ?
  2. TDDK

    get rid of checkeredbackground

    OK - works - what if I overlay a pic of something the person in my video is talking about - by default, the video is still seen in the background AND if the pic I overlay is smaller, it is distracting to still keep seeing the video playing behind the pic - how do I change that background ?
  3. TDDK

    get rid of checkeredbackground

    The question is slightly ignored - if I close my eyes I can also get ride of the checkered background I am setting a text page for a transition & I find it difficult to set the text attributes with this checkered background. There must be a way to select a GREEN background, BLACK background & not the shades-of-gray checkered board ? I went thru some menus & it just isn't there. NCH - any ideas how I can change ? if not, maybe make it a feature in future releases ?
  4. I successfully relied on the oldversiondownload.com website of NCH to download a previous version of my paid videopad so I can get a client video out asap. Last week it worked fine (using chrome & google safe search) but now google safe search flags this download website as malicious & possibly having malicious or malware installed by hacker(s) A novel way/place to do it - but would like NCH to address this & ensure their download site is "bullet proof" - we videopad clients need to rely on it. To prevent myself from being hit with these delays, I tried to install both working & latest & greatest version of VideoPad in parallel - but they informed me this cannot be done - just the way videopad is installed/configured. So this means I & other will heavily rely on the above old version download website of NCH - which is a fantastic support method. Just want NCH to ensure/guarantee that hackers CANNOT infiltrate this download site - perhaps google safe search is erring on the side of caution & safety. Anyways, anything any of us do on the internet is at our own risk, despite all the safeguards we have put in place i.e. mcafee, firewalls, ccleaner, etc Thanks to Josh at NCH who helped me get back on track with client videos - videopad has worked "flawlessly" for me for nearly 2 years & am very happy with the product. Good Work NCH ! TK
  5. TDDK

    "Failed" to export .mp4 video

    I had same problem & needed to get a client video ASAP - had to install an older version, then enter the license code for it go to www.oldversiondownload.com But be careful - google safe browsing ( I use chrome ) now give me a warning (huge red page) saying it is a harmful site & hackers may install malicious software there) - I didn't get this last week, but now I do NCH has to address this issue & ensure that google safe search does NOT flag their download site as malicious Found out from NCH support that you CANNOT have 2 different versions installed simultaneously (which is what I was hoping to do) so I had to install an older version I paid for OVER TOP of the current version. Did this & I got my video out - until the bug in v.58 is identified & solved Hope this helps TK
  6. I get this same message - OK - understand it has to be done - is there any way to be notified when it IS DONE ? Seems like sound wouldn't take as long to process as video ? So you click OK & then what? twiddle my thumbs? Send my employee for a 1-2-3 hr coffee ? Always did have this message (the first time running a project) but it was only a one-time-thru event. Thx TK
  7. TDDK

    Install Previous Version

    Where is the location for previous versons? V4.58 gives me an error at the end of video generation & I need to get work out ! Where can I download previous (purchased) installs from? The link I had in an e-mail is flagged by chrome as malicious & high risk - appears there is a record of malicious software being installed there. Also, I see that I need to have both the previous (working) version & current V4.58 installed - to ensure I can get work out the door and not spend my time debugging software ;( Can I have both versions installed ? I tried & appears it overwrites the "videopad.exe" file Thx TK
  8. TDDK

    Offer of Latest VideoPad V4.56

    Thanks Einstein & Josh - the license code worked OK - rx'd a registration code - so no one else used the license code - just me as intended - thanks again NCH !
  9. TDDK

    Offer of Latest VideoPad V4.56

    Ah yes - I began archiving because I would use my clips from their original location (outside of my video project tree), then weeks later doing general PC cleanup when I would move them. Then my video project is broken - no surprise So now I archive my design during the first day of working on - and I do NOT touch them thereafter - creates a clean & consistent design tree with audio, text, video all in their own sub-tree directories - when video project complete, I just drag/drop onto a CD or DVD to pull off my PC My discovery of the VideoPad archive feature saves me alot of heartache & time - Thx
  10. TDDK

    Offer of Latest VideoPad V4.56

    Super - Thanks Sam - I still have V4.56 installed but get an error message when I try to enter the license key he sent me - error message says either already used OR error with code - when I enter at the ACTIVATE website - tried several times - here is the key he sent me - [DELETED] The key didn't do anything for me, so how could it be useful to anyone else ? The key did not work anyways (I thought about that also) I tried e-mailing back the forum admin who sent it to me - not accepting messages Is it possible to get another key one sent to me so I could activate it & get an auth code to fully enable V4.56 please?
  11. TDDK

    Offer of Latest VideoPad V4.56

    Thanks E; I agree - good business model to give forum contributors free upgrades - several people have now asked me, "What editing software do I use?" after watching my videos & editing work. I am always more than happy to say VideoPad - so impressed that after how many video clips & LARGE files I had VideoPad injest, it has NEVER crashed - good thing Microsoft isn't in this business. I am awaiting for NCH response before I start searching out how to re-load my licensed / paid for copy of V4.30 TK
  12. Has anyone else received an e-mail from admin N_C_H_josh at NCH software with a complimentary key for activation of latest VideoPad vers. 4.56 ? Or am I the target of a hacker ? Thanks TK
  13. TDDK

    Videopad Project Backup

    Hi Nat - thanks for this - yes, what you describe above is EXACTLY what I am witnessing in my Version 4.30 - can't justify (yet) paying $60 more for the upgrade. After numerous tests, I think the safest way is to create a NEW backup/archive folder & save everything there - I just keep the same folder name but append -01, -02, -03 so I don't have to worry about the latest VPJ file referencing the OLD clips - all files stay in sync Still wish VP had an activity light telling me when it is done backing up so I can close VP - instead I have to rely on a 3rd party performance monitor showing me CPU & Disk Access activity ;( How can NCH overlook such a simple but important feedback indicator - spinning wheel, light or just a dialogue box that pops up TK
  14. TDDK

    H.264 vs MPEG4?

    Thx for this - I know I can push the H264 slider to the right but lower quality then becomes the problem - any idea what encoder file(s) VP uses ? I did see/read somewhere about 1+ years ago that L-Lite Codec Pack (12.3.5 Full) was a safe way to go & that's what I have installed - but I don't know wether VP uses its own codec pack or this one - codecs also vary in quality, so want the one which guarantees the best quality of finished MP4 video TK
  15. TDDK

    H.264 vs MPEG4?

    My problem is the size of the MPEG vs H264 & quality Using VideoPad now for 1+ years & I thought I had MPEG format very good in resolution & the fact that resulting file size for 1920 x 1080 resolution Don't know what codec VP uses because now the resolution of MPEG is very poor - blocky - so I am forced to used H264 with the consequence of the filesize being 10+ bigger Should I be further investigating if the codec used is giving me the poor MPEG resolution ? Would love to use because of the smaller filesize TK