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  1. Relative newbie here. My slides have 4x3 aspect ratio, so exporting the slideshow at 1920 wide, the height should be 1440. However, when I try to set 1920x1440 as a custom resolution, PhotoStage says "Please enter a height that is no more than 1080." As PhotoStage export other aspect ratios with more than 1080 in height, this limitation seems arbitrary. Of course I can use 2560x1440 but this puts wide black bars on the sides. Of course, it's possible I'm missing some basic insight here.
  2. Rotate Aspect Ratio 90°, from 16:9 to 9:16

    Thank you very much, Nat! Especially for taking the time to include so much detail. I think I'll go with the full image with bars and suggest it be viewed full screen. (It's just a casual little clip....) In future I will think twice before shooting video in portrait. Your final sentence is very good!
  3. VP newbie here. I have a little clip that's shot with the camera turned 90°, i.e., the aspect ratio is 9:16. How can I get VP to rotate the aspect ratio so the video is in the same orientation as the camera was? (Just to be extra clear, I do not want black on both sides of the image.) Many thanks!