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  1. Thanks for confirming this and for confirming I'm not losing my newbie mind. And for confirming how to fix it! ..Bill..
  2. Here is a public link to download the file. https://www.dropbox.com/s/eejfwdy5q2nbs9l/Lee_2.m4v?dl=1 Thank you!!
  3. I drag & drop a M4V video file into VP 7.11's "Video File" tab. Without doing anything else, I click play. The file is about 30 minutes long, and as I get toward the end, the video and audio gradually go out of sync. At the end, the video is roughly 2 seconds behind the audio. When played in other apps, video and audio are in sync. (I ran into this on v5.20, so just now I upgraded to 7.11. Same problem.) Please help! Thank you!!! ..Bill..
  4. A major version upgrade without anything new in it??? Thx!
  5. Thanks, Josh! My question is, please, what's new in version 6.00 released on Feb 2? The Build Version Log doesn't say anything.... 🙂 https://www.nchsoftware.com/slideshow/versions.html
  6. The build log for Photostage version 6 doesn't say anything about it. https://www.nchsoftware.com/slideshow/versions.html Seems especially odd given that this is a new major version. Maybe this information is posted elsewhere?? How can I decide whether it's worth my $ to upgrade from version 5? Thank you muchly! PS: Isn't NCH Software missing a marketing opportunity by not listing new features??
  7. Thank you very much Gekker! This makes a big difference of course. Reducing both frame rate and resolution by 50% reduced the GIF to 7 MB, only 10 times rather than 40 times larger than the original. And of course, quality is reduced. I was naively expecting too much of GIF. Wikipedia says: With the introduction of widespread support of the HTML5 <video> tag in most web browsers, some websites use a looped version of the video tag generated by JavaScript functions. This gives the appearance of a GIF, but with the size and speed advantages of compressed video. Notable exa
  8. Converting a 7-sec, 634 KB MP4 yields a GIF of 26 MB!!!!!! How to get Prism to generate a GIF of a reasonable file size? Thank you very much! ..Bill..
  9. Can I find online somewhere a log of the changes in PS v4.18, please? (I'm currently using v4.09.)
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