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  1. I had this problem too. I had to go into the preference section and customize the layout for invoices. I still haven't figured out how to add customer info to my quotes though.
  2. First your quote would be for 20,000. Once you receive the initial payment of 10,000 convert the quote to an invoice and apply the initial payment. It will show up in your records as partially paid. If you preview the invoice it should show the total amount of 20,000, the amount paid of 10,000 and the balance due of 10,000. Hope this help.
  3. Hi, I recently updated to 4.7.3. While it provides more flexibility in customizing document layouts I'm now faced with a problem I didn't have before. This pertains to Quotes. My customer information is no longer displayed on quotes. How do I resolve this? Also, when I add items to my quotes it now spans 2 pages even though it can all fit on 1 page. I didn't have this problem before updating. Thanks for any assistance.
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