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  1. They are...thanks for the feedback.
  2. Express Accounts is full accounting software (AP, AR, Inventory, Invoicing, Financial Reporting, etc.) for business. Express Invoice is for quickly generating quotes and invoices, and tracking payments (cashflow). Both products do a bit more than I have listed but that is the overview.
  3. Correct. Vista, 7, 8. Most who have purchased the latest version are still eligible for free upgrade. If you can't upgrade for some reason then lodge a support ticket (if you have purchased) through the support wizard on our main web page - that is our hourly monitored support ticket channel - this is not. Upgrade policy is 3 months but exceptions can be made on a case by case basis.
  4. WINdows - ENglish version. Based on dev comments, I would expect an April 2013 release barring unforeseen issues. To many variables to predict any tighter than that.
  5. Hi Dan. Yes you can get your money back. Go through the proper support channel and request it. http://www.nch.com.a...port/index.html Select technical support, your product and answer the questions. You could almost certainly get your technical issues answered by using this link as well - the forums are not a regular support channel but the above link is...but if you have decided a refund is your best bet, they can help with that too. Lewis, I understand your frustration... "I inspect a house before I buy it. I drive a car before I buy it." ... we are not a house or a car, and we do offer the option to try it before you buy it. Hence the 14 day free trial. Unfortunately the support load is not managable with trial based software and free products. Which is why we offer an unconditional refund if we can't answer your questions after you purchase. And for $80 that is a good deal compared to the $20k or $200k for a car or a house where you probably won't figure out there is a problem without hiring an inspector or a mechanic for hundreds of dollars first. It allows us to fund support and back our products. Again, sorry for your frustrations. DJ
  6. Hi Ryan, I can't help you directly, but we do have free tech support if you log your problem here: Switch Technical Support DJ
  7. Hi, I guess there was a problem with processing payments against a zero dollar invoice. I am told that the zero invoice functionality will return in the next release, but the invoice will be automatically marked as closed so that will solve the payment issues ... Hope this info. helps. DJ
  8. Hi, Apologies, I was talking about Express Invoice. Express Accounts should use the same functionality so I am not sure why it would behave differently from EI. I will ask development about this... DJ
  9. Chris, There were registration codes in the retail box and instructions for using them to license your software product, it sounds like you installed but never registered? DJ
  10. Hi Graham, I am using version 3.12. Create an invoice - pick a customer - pick a line item - change the unit value to 0.00 - no problems - the invoice records and I can pull it up and view it again without issue. DJ
  11. Hi, I have forwarded this along to tech support. Please look for a reply from our support ticketing system at your forum email address. Thanks. Dave
  12. Hi, The free version of Express Invoice is not widely available - there are only certain paths that can get you to the correct page. You need to see the following copy for the free version that will downgrade properly: "Get it Free. A free version of Express Invoice invoicing software is available for home user or businesses with fewer than 5 staff members. Download the free version which does not expire and includes most of the features of the professional version." Try typing "NCH Software Express Invoice Free" into your search tool. There is no other direct path I can offer. And yes your offer price can differ based on many factors, including the number of times you have been to our website, the time of the month you visit our website, etc. This is not meant to be deceptive, but to provide loyalty and short term purchase discounts for our customers. We also have a current offer where you can purchase it for $39.95 at any US Office Depot in a retail package. Many of our free product versions will offer all features during the trial period and then reduce to the basic features for the free version after 14-days. If sales of the paid version are not successful, there would be no free version at all, or if there was a free version there would be no proactive development. Hope this helps you to better understand some of the things that you are wary of... DJ
  13. Hi, The forums are for users helping other users. For pre-sales technical support from NCH please use this link . DJ
  14. Hi, I have asked our support group to work with you on your inquiry in our tech support ticketing system. Please keep your eyes open for an email response...for future reference this would be the link for a Fling presales tech support inquiry: Fling Pre-sales Tech Support DJ
  15. Hi, Current version is 3.09 released on August 17, 2010. See Inventoria dowload to check it out. DJ
  16. Hi. The property setups are for each "destination" so they should all work independently of each other - one doesn't care what the other is doing so you should not have any problems unless there were file access conflicts or some other unforeseen result. Have you tested? You should be able to test your theory for 1,2, and 3 hours and then extrapolate to your more extended scanning setup. Fling comes with a 14 day free trial. DJ
  17. Hi. Here are your options. You can free-form type into your invoice item description box whatever you like for a line item. When you go to record the invoice, the software will prompt you that the item does not exist, and ask if you would like to create it in the items database. If you say "No" - then your invoice will appear exactly as you entered it - no item code, custom description and price, but it will not be written to the item db as an available item for future reference. If you say "yes" when prompted to create an item, then yes, you must absolutely enter an item code as that is the index for that table. These are your choices - no current workarounds that I can think of or have heard of...hope this helps and that I am understanding your issue correctly. DJ
  18. Hi. Yes VRS supports caller-id tagging with this hardware device. DJ
  19. Hi. Install the software on one computer. Setup the web access and create an account through the web configuration panel. Connect to that IP address and port from any browser on your network and login to see your data. For technical support use this link DJ
  20. Hi. Not at this time. It is in the queue as a suggestion for next release. DJ
  21. Hi, we still support both Quorum and Uplink. Uplink is no longer in active development so it is "as is", but we still support the configuration and usage outside of any required development changes. Use this link for technical support. DJ
  22. Hi, Version 5.06 was released on August 3, 2010. Are you still encountering the excessive CPU usage problem? DJ
  23. Hi, your paid support is tied to whatever email address you used when you purchased - you must use that email address to be recognized for contract support priority. Regardless of paid or not your inquiry still goes into the support queue for response. If you would like to tell me the email address you used for our support system, other than your forum email address, I am happy to see what happened to make you feel that our support was inadequate. As it stands you have a single support inquiry under this forum email address that was answered quickly and professionally. The forums are not our support vehicle - we make that as clear as possible in multiple locations within this forum. While these forums are patrolled by developers and others for outstanding issues and occasionally they will post a response , the forums are for users assisting users, not for tech support responses unless someone happens to see your post and respond. That being said if you use this link Axon Support, and include the email address you used to purchase your support contract, you will absolutely get the help you are requesting re: Axon/IVM configuration. Or you can wait for a user who has experienced your issues to respond. I would recommend doing both. Even if your email address does not match you will still receive prompt assistance. DJ
  24. - Ce forum est un lieu où poser des questions sur notre logiciel de MixPad. - Ce forum NE DOIT PAS être utilisé comme votre moyen principal de contacter NCH. Si vous souhaitez nous contacter, veuillez le faire par le biais de nos pages de support technique et le FAQ (Forum aux questions). - Si vous souhaitez poser des questions ou discuter de certains sujets avec d’autres membres de la communauté NCH toutefois, n’hésitez pas à poster vos messages dans ce forum.
  25. djakober

    Remote Log and Set

    Highlander, we use that sort of remote access as part of our support process in the cases that require it. Making it a proactive configuration process is a great suggestion. Thanks. DJ
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