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Can't burn bluray: Sense data: 05 26 00


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I just spent 70$ on this software, thinking that it would work flawlessly, but when I tried to burn a bluray (with some random mkv files, total size of 37GB) the software returned an error: Sense Data: 05 26 00, Error writing to Disc.


I selected UDF for the filesystem as I had some large names in my files.



I expect a solution ASAP. Also, let me know how are you going to refund me the cost of a blank bluray disc wasted because of a bug in your software.



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Was having the same issue.   I was using a USB 3.0 burner that was only powered over USB.  Once I plugged it into a powered USB 3.0 Hub (it was the only thing on just in case), it worked perfectly.   I was on a MacBook pro, and did not have anything plugged into the 2nd USB port but it seemed after about 5-9% of burning the drive would stop the write light flashing but would act like it was still writing.    

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