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  1. HI there ..thanks for your time Kim 1318.... I just went to figure out my steps, as you asked, and I was able to see how the dates work... geez...easy to see now... I wasted to much time on that yesterday.....   I knew it had to be something easy... and in the end, it was.  Thanks again for your help.  Blessings.

  2. I am in the EXPRESS ACCOUNTS ....I just started adding to the chart of accounts.  I went to try and post a past purchase.. It won't let me change the date from todays date.  I looked everywhere to find out what I am missing...can't find anything to help me... hope someone can tell me the one little thing I must be missing in the initial setting up of  everything.

    Thanks in advance. Geez this has been soooo annoying.

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