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  1. Hey, so i have a 3 year old PC that makes a lot of noise via the fan whenever I am using Videopad video editor. I'm hoping someone can help me reduce the humming and exertion going on while I'm editing.

    I don't mind editing at a lower frame rate, though I'd prefer to keep at least a 720 resolution (which is the quality of all my clips). 

    Any help would be useful. Currently editing with 6.24 version, after not having much success with the newer editions.

    Thank you!

  2. On 4/8/2019 at 6:41 PM, borate said:

    Older versions are available here.

    Under OPTIONS|DISK Clear the Unused Cache Files.

    Also follow these tips.

    A more recent version of VP is available here.

    Thanks for your help. Now I went to the old versions and tried to download a few, but it said "may be dangerous, so chrome has blocked it."

    Is there a way i can get a safer file to download? Should I be worried if I do?

  3. On 4/26/2019 at 4:19 PM, Nationalsolo said:

    Hi drk

    To make it possibly a bit clearer....Note Borate's link. Here's a possible scenario you might follow.......

    1.  You have a number of Hi Res video files. Normally you would have these in a single folder on your PC (e,g, a folder called "My Video Clips")  Since these are Hi Res VP may find them slow to edit.
    2. Select the clips that you are going to use in your project and copy them to a new folder called  "Big Files" (I usually do this so the originals are safe.)
    3. Create a new folder called "Small Files"
    4. Now use a program like Prism to reduce the size of these clips e.g. to 320 x 240 pixels. and output them to the folder "Small Files"
    5. In both of these folder you will identically named clips...one set Hi Res in "Big Files", the other set Lo Res in "Small Files"
    6. Open VP and load the Lo Res clips from "Small Files"  These are the Proxy Clips
    7. Edit your project
    8. When finished Save Project File As   This gives you a .vpj project file
    9. Now....Rename the  "Small File" folder "Used Small Files" so VP ignores it. You could also drag it to a different folder or even the Dustbin.........These clips are now not required.
    10. Rename the "Big Files" folder "Small Files" This folder, of course will contain your Hi Res clips but VP won't know this.
    11. Load your project back from the .vpj file. The data in the .vpj file will tell VP to recreate your edited project with the files in the folder called "Small Files"  As this folder now contains the Hi Res clips. Your project should now be created from them.



    Hi. Thank you so much for your help. So I tinkered with this and it worked for just video files. BUT when I edit my projects I use a lot of snapshots and add arrows on the snapshots using Paint. When I edited my project with the snapshots and then did the proxy transfer, the final result was HD clips at the end but with low res snapshots. 

    This seems like a difficult problem to solve. Am I pretty much screwed in this regard or is there a solution to this. Thank you.

  4. 1 hour ago, Nationalsolo said:


    Part 1

    If you take all the constituent Video clips and copy them to a folder ( Folder No1.)  Then use a separate software conversion program like NCH prism to convert the originals into smaller files and place them with exactly the same names into Folder No2, you should be be able to edit these smaller files. When finished save a .vpj project file. Now change the name of  Folder No2 to No3  Now rename Folder No1, Folder No2 Provided all the folders are in the same location (e.g. the desktop) VP will see the larger files in the new Folder No1 as being the proxy files and should load the project with them. That's  the principal.  Try it with a few files for a start.

     Part 2

    Create your animations like a red circle (You could use an enlarged zero or O in a font that gives a decent circle. You could use   a separate png image with a transparent background. Or create a jpg image with a pure colour background like Green.

    Place the main video clip on Video track1 and the image to animate on Video Track 2. (If you use a transparent png the background will already be transparent. If you use a jpg then you can make the background transparent in VP with the Green screen effect.) In either case your image on Track2 will be seen on top of the main track clip when viewed in Sequence preview mode.

     Click the FX box on the Video Track 2 clip/image and use the Position effect with keyframes to move the image (circle) about to highlight the object in the Video Track 1 clip. Use Dual preview screens   to monitor the positioning.

     If you are not sure how to do this come back on the forum for detailed instructions.


    Thanks for your help. I had a few issues though.

    I could not perform your instructions for the proxy part. "If you take all the constituent Video clips and copy them to a folder ( Folder No1.)". Let's start here,  can i get some screenshots?  Are these clips already on the editing timeline? Or clips that I have saved in windows?

    For the animation part, I made it to here 

    " Click the FX box on the Video Track 2 clip/image and use the Position effect with keyframes to move the image (circle) about to highlight the object in the Video Track 1 clip. Use Dual preview screens   to monitor the positioning."

    Where is the FX box? Dual preview screens? Also I have a 2017 edition of videopad (because the 2019 edition didn't work on my laptop)


  5. Hi, so my computer is not very strong, and when I'm editing 720p footage it can lag and slow down my workflow. Is there a way to edit everything with a proxy like you can in adobe premiere pro? It would be very helpful, thanks.

    Also is there a way to have animations on screen while the film is rolling? Like a red circle on screen to highlight something while there is no pause?


  6. Hello, so recently I upgraded my video editor to the newest version (I believe 7.05).

    But today after an hour of using it, it started working very slow and eventually crashed. I have restarted my computer several times and tried different files, but the result is the same, I can't edit videos and I have to restart.

    Can someone please help? I have used Videopad for 6 years and not experienced anything like this. Other programs on my computer work fast.

    Also is there a way to use an older version of the editor?



  7. Hi, I have been using VP since 2012. I got a new version in December 2017 which I used but recently got the newer version, I believe 6.10. My editing depends on the ability to split clips and then snapshot the picture. There is split, 360, and full screen buttons but no snapshot at the bar beneath the sequence.

    1. Is there a new way to snapshot?

    2. If not, can someone fix this?

    3. If permanently gone, is there a way for me to get an older version of videopad back on my laptop?

    Thanks for your help.

    EDIT: Figured it out, you can now right click and snapshot. Please close thread.

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