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  1. Just purchased Express Burn Plus simply to burn a specific music CD of a montage/mix I made a few years back.


    The reason I purchased a software instead of using the MANY free software's out there is to make sure no mistakes would happen. Since my mix is a continuous montage of 58 tracks with no pauses, the most important thing for this software to do is the prefect 0 second transition from track to track.


    unfortunately, the only way I managed to burn the CD was by selecting "use default track pause" which is no good because it has an approx 2 second gap. CD burns fine in this setting. The moment I try to burn "Burn at Once" with my required zero seconds setting, I get an "Error writing to disc - Sense Data 05 2c00" error as soon as the process starts (I believe it fails right in between track 1 and track 2... it happens fast so I can't bee 100% certain).


    I'm hoping for a solution here...

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