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  1. I am new to Uplink software and have a working, but limited, knowledge of SIP phones. I would love to be able to use Uplink software for a limited purpose, and am not sure how to do it and if it can be done.


    I have an existing SIP phone which I would like to use to make and receive Skype calls without using my USB headset. I do not have an existing SIP provider. (The SIP phone is just sitting idle since I gave up my SIP service a few months ago) In other words, I just want to use the SIP phone hardware locally within my computer to crossconnect the SIP phone with Skype to make and receive Skype calls (Skype Out and calls to other Skype users) without the nuisance of a USB headset.


    My understanding is that Uplink software can be used to do this. It is unclear from Uplink documentation and other resources how this is done. Could a member of this forum kindly post step-by-step instructions or URL reference to where I could find such step-by-step for this specific task I'd like to accomplish.


    Also, since the SIP phone obviously only has a numeric keypad, if you want to make a Skype call to a Skype user who only has a Skype name and not a numerical number, how do you initiate the call to the Skype member by entering his Skype name (where is it entered?) and then immediately start talking to him over the SIP phone when he answers the call?


    Thanks for any and all assistance.

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