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This is Killing me - how to cut time or add it

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It seems so simple


I am so stupid - I am sure


I have mulitple small clips


I have to get the recording to a certain time - so I take put a clip


I can't seem to 'cut' the actual time from the project... do I really have to move all the blooming clips over... too many of them


I think I should be able to select a region - and then cut the region... but remember there are NO TRACKS [or clips] with anything on them - as I delete the clip that was in that space. Why can't I just cut that [minute] from the project - so everything in effect moves up


I hope I am making sense...


I have clips, A B C & D


If I want to delete C... how can I make it so A B & D all play with no gap where C was


In real life I don't want to have to move all the clips after 'C' has been taken out - as it's too many tracks... also I want to be able to add time [maybe] later - so that the track can be the correct length.


It took me ages to select a region... but even then the 'cut region' button didn't come up to be used. It stayed 'not coloured in'


This is so annoying and such a waste of time


I hop[e I am being stupid.


PLEASE if anyone knows how to do this let me know





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