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I would like to change the fx and volume levels during the mixdown process. Is it possible to do this? Or, is it possible to add fx and volume changes to selected parts of a track/clip? Thanks for any advice.

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The volume level can be adjust from each Track control before or during mixing, same when you build/use a live effect chain on each track. A live effect chain means that any effect you apply will be applied during playback, which eliminates the need to wait for your audio to render with the effect. To create or edit an effect, simply click the Fx button in the track control panel. MixPad will present you with a window showing the list of effects currently applied to the selected track. Click Add Effect to add a new effect, the new added effect will be highlighted which means it is selected and the checkbox before the effect indicates that it is enabled. If you select an existing effect, you can see and edit all the effect’s properties. Select an effect and click Remove Effect to remove the effect from the chain. If you untick the checkbox next to an effect you can disable the effect but still keep it in your chain.





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