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jakedovii    0

hi, im using my usb capture device and am trying to share video online with friends but everytime i start the server it says ''new connection made'' in the bottom right hand corner as it should but then a second later it pops up again saying connection lost and this just keeps repeating?

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Telephony    0


Based on what you stated, there might be something blocking incoming and outgoing connections...

Please check your system firewall and/or antivirus security settings, disable all firewalls and try again. Also, please check the Web Access current status, go to BroadCam Options > Web Access menu > and run the Web routing and test wizard. You should get a green status message saying "Your network is configured properly". If you get a red status message, you'll need to open the application port(usually 86) on your router to allow TCP over your IP.

Give it a try ! 

Best regards, 


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