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screeching sound when starting new dictation

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Is anyone else having this problem? The screeching starts when the caller presses "9" to begin a new dictation. If they dictate over the noise, the recording sounds fine; I do not hear the noise when transcribing.


It only happens to callers on Verizon phones (landline or cell) or T-Mobile.

AT&T and Credo callers get through w/o any problem.


NCH Tech was unable to solve the problem for me. They claim only one other user in the U.S. is having this issue.


Thanks all!

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Hi, we are having the same exact problem. All the menu sounds play fine, no screeching till the user presses 9, you can record over the screeches and they don't come through. Muting the mic on the caller's phone doesn't help so its not actual feedback from their end. Could be a PC setting?


Would love to know if you figured it out yet! If we get it we'll post here. I emailed support as well but you know how that goes.

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