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Failed to set file pointer.

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I have just installed MEO and attempted to create a self-decrypting file from three random files as a test. Win 8 64 Bit


The steps are okay to the point of encryption, pauses then shows "packing" and then "Failed to set file pointer".


Although when I sign as a member and try exactly the same thing it works?


Any advice please?


Further info: It appears to work only three failed attempts, i.e: on the fourth attempt the files are encrypted.


Support Response...........................


Exit Meo

Right-Click the program's icon and choose Properties

Click the compatibility tab and click run compatibility troubleshoter button

In its robotic way Windows 8 tries to guess what version Windows your program needs,and then it applies the changes,

If the program still has trouble, then in the compatibility mode select Windows 7 from the drop down list.



Tried this - only benefit was it fails twice and works on the third attempt.



This will be last post - too hard to type. Letters fail to work!

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