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Repeating audio and not keeping to the time limits.

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I split several files into 15 minute segments, this worked perfectly and each segment was dead on 15 minutes.


I just tried another file splitting into 15 minute segments


The first file is 24:24 and seems to repeat it's self after 15 minutes, the next is 15:15, then 14:25, then 16:17 etc. etc.


I deleted them all and tried again same result.


The original file is 7:56:25, the split files total up to 8:09:06.


What's going on?




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This is most likely because your MP3s are encoded with VBR (Variable BitRate) which means that there is no direct correlation between the size of the file (in bytes) and the length in minutes.

Slice use a very simplistic approach of splitting up the audio files, taking the total size (in bytes) and dividing it by the length (in time) and then again multiplying by the length of the segments you want.

This works fine with ordinary MP3s encoded with CBR (Constant BitRate) but with VBR you will get the behavior described.



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