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How To View Cursor Location - Verbose Text To Speech

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NCH Verbose Text To Speech

Version 2.01

OS: Windows 7


ISSUE #1: I have opened a PDF into the text area, but the problem also occurs when I paste the text from the clipboard. When I play the voice, it does not allow me to see any cursor in the text. I need to view where in the text the voice is reading from. Please tell me how to enable this.


ISSUE #2: Also, is there a way to bookmark the last read location so you can come back to it after re-opening the project?


ISSUE #3: We also need a way to start reading from any location in the text where we place the cursor, not just from the beginning of the file.


ISSUE #4: Do you have any software that can read text from an Adobe Flash output?

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You mean to tell me that after 3 years, there's still no response to this question? How complicated is it to allow the voice to restart from a selected position in a text file?!

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