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Streaming Live and Pre-Recorded

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I've just downloaded BroadWave in order to evaluate it and am impressed, I've been able to get it to broadcast, I've been able to create streams etc, but the one thing I really need to do is be able to fire off a pre-recorded audio file during the broadcast.


I've searched and found a discussion about this under Windows 7 but I'm running XP and can't find any instructions on how to accomplish what I need, if anyone has advice on how to do this, or a link to instructions I'd greatly appreciate it.



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Hi Hank


With Broadwave alone, you need to specify the URL of the stream when connecting, either the live stream or a pre-recorded file, as far as I'm aware.


However when you use Broadwave in conjunction with another program to select the audio, it's a very powerful combination.


With XP and a good soundcard which allows "stereo mix" to be selected as a recording device in audio properties, then you use Broadwave to stream the audio being played by the PC. In my case, I use the program Zara Radio (the free version) to play either pre-recorded audio files or select the line in (Zara calls it "satellite input") to relay live audio though the PC's line in connector.

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