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SSFCP / Options / CD track / Custom Format

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Hello TS,


Upgraded to the pd. ver. SSFCP hoping to manipulate file names as indicated- SSFCP / Options / CD track / Custom Format . I've come to grips with not being able to convert entire folders and have them arrive in a converted destination folder in tact(in the artist folder. Its an argeuos process creating new folders / sub-folders for the destination location , but okay.


Here's my next dilemma I'm hoping for some insight.

In SSFCP / Options / CD track / Custom Format its indicating I can manipulate how the file names arrive after converting from a CD track. Is this also possible with dwnldd torrent files?

What I'm trying to eliminate from the file name is the Track Number being in front of the track title . What is happening is when I create playlist it arranges all the tracks by numbers > to < . Depending on what music player software you use on a portable device and select random play , if you have multiple tracks /same artisit/ starting with 01 as the start of the file name that is how its going to select its random generating process, I imaging there's better players that use a deeper- in-to the file name selection process. My chances of producing truly random generated tracks in a playlist would be to have the Track Name be the first identifier in the players selection process (alphanumeric Vs. numeric).


If this is doable here's how I would like the file to arrive in the converted destination folder for creating playlists


Track Name / Album / Artist

{%trackname% %album% %artist%} is this correct?


Can you show me how this would need to be done in the custom format option?

(like I stated I already have to create the folders and sub-folders in the destination , then what I do is -select edit / select all (tracks) / rht click option - convert w/ SSFC or sometimes if too large i just click drag highlighted area. So all I need is to change the file name in options to arrive in the pre-selected destination folder w/ the new track name, right??


Reality check!

Are track # 's embedded in the trackname ......and there's no getting around this!?

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