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Empty Window after loading a CD

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A couple of days ago, I loaded a CD, but the Express Rip window showed nothing at all.


The CD was in the D: drive.


I stopped and re-started Expres Rip and tried another CD - all was fine.


I have since closed the PC down and re-started it.


The symptom is now that Express Rip does not recognise any audio CD (even ones that worked recently), whether in the D: drive or my other drive (E:)


I have had the product for round about a year now and not had any problems before - presumably the product doesn't "expire" after a year, does it?!!?


I use Windows 7 Professional and have been running Express Rip in 32-bit Compatibility mode for a few months.


The system does recognise the D: drive (I'm spinning a CD on it now).


This is what the window looks like with a disk loaded into drive D:


Express Rip (empty window)

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I forgot to add that, before displaying the empty screen, it does go through the "Connected to musicbrainz/freedb server" ritual, but only (I think) once, just after Express Rip has loaded.


I've just noticed that selecting any link from within the <Audio> tab of the NCH Toolbox doesn't do anything, but since I haven't tried this before, I don't know if that's connected to the problem.


Help! :)


Thanks again.

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