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Record from cassette

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Yes, you can do that with WavePad. Just follow these steps:


~ Connect the line out from your cassette to the line in of the soundcard.

~ Open WavePad and click "Record". You need to select "Line In" as the audio input channel in the record dialog.

~ Play the cassette

~ After WavePad finish recording, you can save the file as any file format you want

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Newbie in town here. I have used the program for quite a while for digitalizationd of my audio cassettes. This went well until my old PC had a sound system crash and I installed version 6.65 on another PC. Version 6.65 has the inbuilt self thinking system that cuts down the volume to nill when the sound input is low. As a result I have to record soft passages separately, reduce the volume and cut and paste everything together to an acceptable track.  This even happens with the minimum sound boundary set at -46dB. Is there a way to get rid of this? It takes much more time to get a recording finished and it is still possible to hear pinched down passages on playback. 

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