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Multichannel external sound card


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Hi everyone,


I was wondering if anyone used external USB 2.0 or Firewire sound cards with more than 2 inputs with MSRS.


I tried using an M-Audio FastTrack Ultra which has 4 XLR inputs (8 inputs total but 2 are S/PDIF digital and 2 others can only be used with 1/4" mic connectors). MSRS only sees this device as a normal stereo input device, so it will only assign it two tracks.


I can return this device, but I was wondering if there were alternatives. Are there any other small external sound cards that have at least 4 XLR inputs, and that MSRS will correctly see as having 4 channels or more? Does anyone else have similar requirements to mine and what are you using?


Thanks in advance.

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I'll reply to myself: the Roland Octa-Capture works well with MSRS. It's a bit pricier than the M-Audio FastTrack Ultra, and a bit bigger, but it has 8 XLR inputs instead of 4, and it works.


The reason it works is that Windows sees it as 4 different devices each with 2 channels, instead of one single device with 8 channels like the M-Audio. So it bypasses the problem entirely.


Just in case this info is useful to anyone...

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