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  1. I know this is an old topic, but since this seems to be an ongoing problem -- I'm still having it -- and it has not been officially addressed here, I thought I'd share what I learned. The lag occurred using two different transcription programs and on several different computers. After tweaking settings, closing programs, upgrading RAM and using a new, faster machine, I finally started doing some serious research. I eventually found this explanation and possible fix (link below). Okay, so the fix mentioned didn't actually work for me; however, it did cause me to realize that it's my headset that's the common denominator. This particular headset causes a 1- to 3-second lag whenever I attempt to initiate the audio. If I change to my speakers or a different headset, it doesn't happen. Maybe the fix will work for you, but if not, maybe you can switch output devices and find success there. But at the very least (at least in my case) the mystery is solved. It was quite frustrating! Fixing latency and delays in Windows audio output
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