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  1. Thanks for the reply! To answer your questions: Haven´t burnt in the past, because the blu-ray writer is new. Also the program Express Burn (with registration). Trying to create a new Blu-ray disc with data from my hard disk. I work on a mac, so I didn´t delete the folders you named above, but I deleted the program and reinstalled it. And restartet 2 times as you described. But still the same. Error saying that there seems to be no disc in the drive... Any other recommendations?
  2. Error when trying to burn a blu-ray disc. Express Burn says: "There seems to be no disc in the drive..." But there is a disc inside, tried several times ejecting disc and insert it again. (blu-ray writer is recognized)
  3. Bekomme beim Versuch eine Daten Blu-Ray zu brennen die Fehlermeldung "Anscheinend befindet sich keine Disc im Laufwerk,..." Der Brenner wird erkannt und es ist auch eine Disc drin. Auch nach mehrmaligem Aus- und wieder Einwerfen und mit einem anderen Rohling immer wieder die gleiche Meldung. Hat jemand Tips zur Fehlerbehebung?
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