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  1. I had so much fun using VideoPad! First time user here, I'm just blown away by this application. It reminds me the most of the old iMovie, which is a huge compliment. Yet, it's way more powerful without being super complicated. There were two features that VideoPad has which I wish I knew before I shot all my footage: Built-in audio narration recording. Wow, I spent so much time with Audacity and exporting. Yeah. Video stabilization. I used -- if you can believe this -- Google Photos stabilizing feature. Phew, lots of extra work. Anyway, kudos on an incredible program. I will be buying for sure.
  2. So I ran into this as well, but I think I solved it. Perhaps this is what the OP encountered too. In my case, since the default blank screen is black, and the default Text clip has a white background with white letters... the titles are invisible! I simply changed the background and font colors to be inverse and then they are visible.
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