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    fx EFFECTS

    Hallo Ben, I thought so already and thanks again for your reply and until then, I'll try playing and recording via my Yamaha Stomp box. 'Guess this will do the job also ? Kind regards Miele
  2. Miele

    fx EFFECTS

    Hallo Ben, and in the first place: many thanks for your reaction, much appreciated. I really don't want to do great or difficult things like composing or so, but, being a hobby-guitar player, I want simply add a (live) guitar track to an existing backing track. Therefore it's 'handy' to hear first how my guitar will sound when adding an fx-effect to it before record. My pc can easily handle the in- and outputs through a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 with little or even no latency at all - I can record my guitar along with (monitoring) the mp3 backing track without problem and during playback (of both tracks), the fx effects apllied on the guitar track sound great. But My problem is that , during record, the guitar sounds FLAT with no reverb, compressor, etc. at all, which makes playing not so fine. Sure, I can edit the effect(s) afterwards, but here also one cannot hear what the editing sounds like. One has to play and record again before you'll hear the result ! I would be more than happy to buy this fine program when it can "fulfill" this issue. Hope you can help me with ? Thank you very much in advance Miele
  3. Miele

    fx EFFECTS

    Hi, can anyone tell me if one can hear the applied effect sounds on guitar BEFORE recording and not only during playback. This is really not practical to record a guitar without hearing exactly what it will sound like ? Thanks very much in advance.
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