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  1. Thanks for the reply.. this is a before/after gif. I've pretty much considered this isn't going away but my best option is to ask to ask you what the best output settings are for videos? The best quality while maintaining the same visual as the import? https://i.imgur.com/XZ5PtmP.gif
  2. Exported videos have a green tinge to the picture, and if you re-enter that export and export it again it adds an extra layer of green tinge also..? Any ideas would be appreciated. Currently have my settings at x264 / Quality rate - 18. (Also a separate question maybe for another day but I also dont understand why exports seem to get added amounts of Mb for no reason.. like I could re-enter the same clip and export it a second time and it will end up being more MB/GB's than the first one) Thanks a million for a taking a moment here
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