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  1. Thanks so much for your reply. I did try going to the CD burner drive under the computer tree, clicked on it to reveal any possible content on the CD, and it showed nothing on the CD. I had previously inserted that same CD to attempt to burn something to it, but the dialogue box appeared saying my trial version had expired. It wouldn't let me continue, so I thought nothing was burned on the CD yet, and I set it aside to try using it again later. And that's when I went to the website and re-purchased the program (I had it before and lost it due to hard drive malfunction). Anyway...long story, but suffice to say I thought I was using a blank CD - and although opening it showed it as empty, evidently it wasn't. I switched out to a fresh blank CD and everything worked fine. Sorry to trouble you for naught. Thanks again for your time!
  2. I want to create an audio CD of a 3 min 15 sec song. Express Burn is telling me there's not enough space on the blank unrecorded CD....? I searched the tools and settings for something I might be missing, but I can't find an answer. Any explanation and/or suggestions?
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