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    No sound when files added to videopad

    Thanks again Borate, I have been in contact with Focusrite, and they have responded, but slowly, nothing like your efforts here. They are currently checking if the dirvers are Ok... I think. A couple of days before I hear from them again.
  2. Russell Kingsbury

    No sound when files added to videopad

    Thank you for looking at this Borate. Yes, it's out of sync because I wasn't able to hear it to sync it. I am also running VP 6.0. I have downloaded the corrected WMV file and attempted to play it back on my PC. It plays fine in VLC media with the audio output selected to Speakers, but it can't be heard when audio output is set to Focusrite. When I load the WMV file into VP their is no volume with either audio output. The Focusrite is a new unit and seems to be causing some sound problems too. I know it's not your area of expertise (or maybe it is, I'm jumping to conclusions here) but, since I installed it the Focusrite enables me to record OK, and playback Ok, but when i go to, say, a youtbe clip, and try to play it I have to toggle the audio output from Focusrite to Speakers, and I'm sure this is not the way it is meant to work. If I can solve that problem, it may just solve the VP problem as well. Thanks again for your help. If you have any other comments or hints it would be appreciated,
  3. Russell Kingsbury

    No sound when files added to videopad

    OK, got it. I hope this is better https://www.dropbox.com/sh/fvj3nziduquftup/AAD_ucfBZSz5C58bw4OTcSrTa?dl=0
  4. Russell Kingsbury

    No sound when files added to videopad

    I hope I have done this correctly: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/1kug7r1syx6ou4p/AAD0sbI-mhv8K2aYUnDn_XR8a?dl=0 Obviously video and sound are not aligned because I can't hear it yet. Please excuse bad singing etc.
  5. Russell Kingsbury

    No sound when files added to videopad

    Hi I have created a new music video on my phone with sound, and at the same time, recorded the sound with wavepad. I Saved the files, and the wavepad file plays fine, as does the file on my phone. I added the video file to Videopad, Unlinked the Video form the audio, and deleted the audio. BTW the sound was not there on the combined video/audio file. I then added the wavepad file to Videopad. When I try to play them I don't get any volume although it is obvious the .wav file is there. The mute buttons are not turned off, the volume is set to maximum. The video plays in the sequence preview, but the sound cannot be heard. This is my first attempt with this software, or any software like this, so there is a possibility/probablity that I am doing something wrong.Can anybody please help me?