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  1. Exported Video Missing Pieces

    Is there any other options available? I still am having a problem with this video and I would really like to finish it.
  2. Exported Video Missing Pieces

    I've tried these settings and that does appear to make a small difference, but it doesn't solve the entire problem.
  3. Exported Video Missing Pieces

    The missing pieces change when I try exporting the video. I have exported the video minimum of 8 times and the missing parts are inconsistent.
  4. Exported Video Missing Pieces

    Can't exactly upload a 341 GB File to Google Drive or One Drive
  5. Exported Video Missing Pieces

    Version 5.32
  6. Exported Video Missing Pieces

    So I have been working on this project for a while. Thankfully I have finished it and am trying to export it as a full video now. Unfortunately, every time I export it and I double check the video, something is missing from it. Nothing is ever wrong with the audio, yet the visuals seem to just disappear in some cases. I have trying reloading the file and re-exporting, I have also just attempted to re-export right away. The "Black out" moments (as the screen is purely black with no images, only the audio) seem to change, they aren't consistently one specific part of the video. This has been causing me immense frustration, is there any help for this?