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  1. Release Note v6.01

    Getting stuck into this version very soon... have plenty of little projects on the go, will give some feedback in due course!
  2. using mask

    useful to know! Thanks for posting guys!!
  3. Using two censors on same clip....not working...bug?

    So i thought id trial the new version - and accidentally deleted my old software files as i clearly did something wrong and wrote over them when i tried to revert back. So currently without any software as the trial version ended :-D Is there anywhere to download the old version again so my version 4.xx registration code works?
  4. Using two censors on same clip....not working...bug?

    Awesome - Has it been worked around yet? Look forward to the key, assume it will be emailed or should i keep an eye out for an inbox on here? Thankyou
  5. Using two censors on same clip....not working...bug?

    Yes Thankyou! That is a good workaround. Just tried out the censor blur, saved two separate chains, added that way and they worked spot on. Thankyou for working through it with me!! Much appreciated.
  6. Using two censors on same clip....not working...bug?

    I did wonder.... I was going to ask if you expected more files or something haha.
  7. Using two censors on same clip....not working...bug?

    Its like the second sensor movements are not even logged. i painstakingly go through the clip moving the area to censor... press the 'add keyframes at current position' button at each frame, yet it doesnt actually log them so the rectangle stays wherever i last put it for the entire clip.
  8. Using two censors on same clip....not working...bug?

    I have tried what you suggested using black rectangle boxes - here is the project https://1drv.ms/u/s!AgaDBIxaHLTjqGJiEZ1vLdecEzR1 - The sensor that goes up and down works fine, yet the second set sensor stays in the same place even though i have set it to go to side to side (as should be visible in the effects section?).
  9. Using two censors on same clip....not working...bug?

    Ok Im a little confused (as that really is the vpj project i made along with the original file?) so went through the steps again. Project open - File - Save Portable Project as - select a folder and it saved a .vpj file and original clip in a folder named the date and time it was saved. I zipped this folder it created and uploaded to One drive - then paste the link here = https://1drv.ms/u/s!AgaDBIxaHLTjqGFjahaJybueutaG - If this didnt work then we have a problem.
  10. Using two censors on same clip....not working...bug?

    https://1drv.ms/u/s!AgaDBIxaHLTjqGDmfmmTEzeADJm1 - Is this any better?
  11. Using two censors on same clip....not working...bug?

    After looking into it - I purchased more than 6 months ago (March 17) and so it will cost me £21 to purchase the upgrade. Cant help but think that is a bit much really to justify when I already paid £40 for this version. Would prefer to keep this version as its more than what i need it for, bog standard home stuff :-)
  12. Using two censors on same clip....not working...bug?

    im using version 5.11. What version is the new one? Ive read previous posts where by someone says they had to pay for a new licence... if upgrading means paying again for it then im not prepared to do that. For what i want, this version should be fine. If the effects are there to be used but not functioning correctly then that is a bug to be fixed? If i will not have to pay the 'upgrade' with a new licence then ill upgrade. https://1drv.ms/f/s!AgaDBIxaHLTjqF1aBQ9ugXF5JMAL First time using one drive to file share.. hopefully thats the correct file what you meant for me to share lol!
  13. Using two censors on same clip....not working...bug?

    Minor update - The first 'censor' effect works fine and travels the area around the clip ive set it to. The second 'cencor' effect which is causing the issue, does not move around the clip like it is supposed to. I added keyframes at each position in the video frames in the effects window. The problem is where ever i have set the last position to, thats where it stays for the entire length of the clip regardless. Also both censor effect wont play at the same time. Whether this is exported or just in preview mode. It doesn't work correctly on separate clips either - (copied and pasted same clip on timeline and added seperate effect to each video to play at the same time). The effects still wont play at the same time in preview or exported.
  14. I have tried to use two 'censor' effects on the same clip. Both are set to blur and have been set frame by frame on the same clip on the time line. Im trying to blur two numberplates if that helps understand what im doing. The problem is, only one is actually visible on play back and when exported. Yet both show up in the effects preview fine so its a mystery to me. I believe the censor is an added effect as of August so fairly new, could this be a bug, or am i doing something wrong?