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  1. Fern49

    Convert MKV to JPG

    I wanted to convert my MKV video to JPG, (hoping for better quality video) but after it was 'converted' the video clip was all black. Any advice please.? Thanks.
  2. By choosing to export it, the only choice is send the file to DVD burner only.
  3. Thanks for that, I'll check and see if any of the video formats are compatible with our new tv, I always converted them to AV1 for the older tv, I thought it would be the same for the newer model,
  4. I had the same problem, so saved the video as portable project as mentioned above. When I came to using the video converter , it says the vpj file is not supported. So what kind of file should I save the video in to be able to access it for converting, it doesn't even show up in the video file.
  5. When I converted my MP4 files from Windows Movie Maker to AV1 the photos are blurred. (I've not had this problem before with Photo Story, which unfortunately now doesn't work properly since Wind.10 downloaded). I'm reluctant to convert the photos to another kind of file, the same blurring could occur. Why should this happen in the first place?.
  6. Fern49

    Convert MP4 to JPEG

    In Windows 10. I used Prism converter to convert my video to AV1 for playing on the tv, ( a file that it supports) only to find that during the process the photos became blurred. I now want to change a video file from MP4 to JPEG, the video is in Windows Media Player but I cannot 'save' the file to get it into video converter because WMP doesn't have any 'save' box to click on. I tried saving them to burn, only to find since downloading Windows 10 even my DVD burner now only supports WMA, JPEG, MKV, MP3. Microsoft
  7. Fern49

    Verifying Burn

    The DVD I was burning was going ok until it came to 'Verifying the burn'. Then the disc tray constantly opened consequently the photos came out all blurred. Please, what is the problem, thanks.
  8. Hi, yes I am creating a slideshow. Many thanks for the info, there's certainly a lot to learn with this programme. You learn something every day.
  9. So far so good. I have over 200 photos to place on the Video track 1, is it possible to 'drag' them all together, or does it have to be done one by one.? Thanks
  10. Many thanks guys, much appreciated. I'll work on it this afternoon.
  11. meaning that the text and/or narration doesn't show up on the particular photo I'm adding too
  12. I've been using another program for about 5 years, it was a great programme until Microsoft got their sticky hands on it, hence my purchasing VideoPad which I'm finding not as straight forward. I can't figure why when I type in the text on a video clip I can't revalue it, the same goes for any narration that I add. Please, what am I NOT doing right.? Oldest activity firs
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