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    Video is black?

    Thank you! I used Videopad Video Editor to convert to a video file, I then used another program to speed it up and add music. Worked out perfectly!
  2. SamkSmith

    Video is black?

    It could also be that I recorded this on a surface pro 3 tablet. It worked pretty decent when viewing the recording in the program, it was only until moving the file into the desktop that it started acting odd, and also I notice that after I restarted my tablet it made the video blank.
  3. SamkSmith

    Video is black?

    Hi everyone, I am not sure how to fix this. I recorded about an hour and 30 min long video on the free version. It was installed and recorded on a Surface Pro 3, using manga studio as the art program. I used fast capture, and pressed record. Hoping to mute audio and replace with music, as well as speed video up. It is for a speedpaint I want to upload on YouTube. Problem is, is the video worked when found in the recordings section, but when I removed the video, the video is now completley black, with only audio. Idk how to fix this now that it has been removed from the recordings. The video file is on my desktop now, and will only let me watch it from the computers built in movie watcher. Any way to make the video appear again? Thank you guys! P.S. this is my first use, so if the blank video can be fixed, I would also like to see how I can speed it up and add music in place of the audio. Thanks again!
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