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    Uninstalling PhotoPad (Windows 7)

    Thanks for the suggestion. Interestingly, if I re-launch the installer (whether as an admin or not) the effect is similar to when I try to launch NCH Suite (i.e. Task Manager shows me a new running process - but nothing appears on my screen). Microsoft Security Essentials and Ad-Aware Antivirus both report no viruses present. [update..] I found the installation folder on my C:\ drive (C:\Program Files\NCH Software\PhotoPad). It contained the old installer for version 2.10 as well as a program called uninst.exe. I saved the old installer somewhere, then ran uninst.exe. That seemed to uninstall PhotoPad and I was then able to re-install the older version. I've no idea why 2.8 won't work on my system but at least I can use the older copy.
  2. johne53

    Uninstalling PhotoPad (Windows 7)

    Until this afternoon I was successfully running the free version of PhotoPad (circa revision 2.1). But I needed the new 'rotate image' feature and decided to upgrade to 2.8. 2.8 seems to have been installed on top of my previous version (i.e. updating it) and sure enough, the 'rotate' option was available - but... 1) Whenever I close PhotoPad, it disappears from my screen but Task Manager shows it still taking up memory. So if I try to re-launch it, nothing happens. 2) If I open Control Panel and attempt to uninstall PhotoPad, nothing happens either (even if I've only just -re-booted). Is there some other way of uninstalling PhotoPad [Edit...] There's also an icon on my desktop called "NCH Suite" (which also does nothing when double-clicked)