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    Unwanted audio.

    Thanks Nat. All sorted, I think. I found Options & then deleted all cache files (10,000 MPs of them). I then ticked the box to delete all cache files after every export. I have been using VP today & have had no more issues of unwanted audios. Cheers, Earl.
  2. Dook

    Unwanted audio.

    Thank you, I must need new glasses, lol. I just deleted nearly 10,000 MBs of cache files--I'll see how it goes. Thanks again.
  3. Dook

    Unwanted audio.

    Thanks, borate. If any unwanted audio tracks were on the time line, I would see them. Also, I don't see an 'Options/Disk' tab anywhere. I just exported a short test video with no issues. The double audio issue seems to happen at random & not on every one.
  4. Dook

    Unwanted audio.

    I have been using VideoPad for several years & have never had this issue before. After I have exported my video, two sound tracks can be heard on play back.... As well as the sound that is supposed to be there, the sound track from a previous video is superimposed over the top of it, & both sound tracks can be heard. After I export a finished video, the video is always discarded & never saved. It sounds like VideoPad is saving the audio track when it shouldn't be. Any ideas, please?