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  1. Ok...I'm DONE...WANT A REFUND!! I will contact NCH for a refund...I"ve spent hours on this to no avail. Thanks to Chris75 for what was good advice...I had discovered much earlier that I was plugging an external amp/speakers into the front mini-jack for earphones and realized that cuts out the audio from going to the LTs internal speakers. Removing this external set of speakers I had already done prior to Chris75 info about the Stereo Mix driver. After installing the Stereo Mix driver and checking all settings on the LT and the options in Debut, STILL NO AUDIO WITH VIDEO...I'M DONE!!
  2. Chris 75...thanks for your reply...I thought 'bingo' have found the problem...i.e. 'no Stereo Mix' audio option on my older Toshiba LT with Windows 7. Cannot get sound to record with a YouTube video. chris75 answered my post with info on audio driver with 'Stereo Mix' option which my PC did not have. I have an older Toshiba LT but is top end with many features, like HDMI out, etc. Taking your advice, I Googled about Win 7 Stereo Mix...got info on how to download RealTek's 'Stereo Mix' driver...downloaded and installed and restarted the LT...STILL NO SOUND!!! Checked and rechecked the LT's Win7 Sound drivers...selected 'Speakers' as the default device for recording...set the audio level (100%)...same with the RealTek audio drivers...selected Stereo Mix...set the record levels...set the sound levels on PC taskbar to 100%. STILL NO SOUND when recorded. PC sounds fine when I use the Chrome browser and play a YouTube video...just can't record with Debut and get both audio and video. Thanks for your help, but NOW WHAT!!??
  3. I'm a new purchaser of Debut (big mistake), and I get NO AUDIO on the recording, video is fine. Watched the intro video, found the 'self help' link for this problem...no help. Have Windows 7 on an older but top-of-the line Toshiba Laptop. Checked the audio drivers out at a local PC repair place...all looks ok. Have one audio driver for the built-in microphone and another for the front mini-jack for MP3 or mic. Tried enabling each driver, but NG Get audio thru speakers during the recording, but not on this crappy software. Have spent hours on this...ready to get a REFUND!!
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