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  1. Hi All, I'm looking for a software that could play musics and announcements in my retail store. After some search, I've found BMS Music & Announcement Player which looks to do what I need. However, I've downloaded and install the demo version and tried to play with it. I was able to play music and announcement, but I'm NOT able to set the announcement to play at a SPECIFIC time, it just play randomly. In my case, I would like to set the software to play some advertisements announcement (this is OK that the software play these advertisements randomly) and, also, I want the software play some announcements ONLY at a specified time. For example, for every day, 15 minutes before my store closed, I would like to announce to my customers that we are closing in 15 minutes. And, 5 minutes before I closed, I would like to announce to my customers to proceed to the cashier. etc. Does BMS Music & Announcement Player software can do what I need? Thank you for your answer in advance! /Kevin
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