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  1. Thanks for the reply. Ultimately what I did what you suggested. I added some code to my batch process to check and see if WMP is running and if it is, then I kill it. I really like Switch a lot. It seems to do what I want. However, support is essentially non-existent. You can forget sending in a support email as it takes close to 10 days to get a generic no-help reply, and I purchased the software. Even here on the forum I could get no input until your reply, which as I said, I appreciate. For those reason I am looking for a replacement product as I can't afford to put myself in a position where there is an issue and I can't get any help with their product. Too bad though as it really is a good product otherwise.
  2. Has nobody ever seen this error or am I truly the only one?
  3. I am using SWITCH in a batch process and it does it's thing quite well. However, I have discovered that if Media Player is active at the time Switch is triggerred, I will get an error message that says "mp3ec.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close". Switch will continue to run after replying to that message but the results are an unusable file. Can anyone help me understand how to resolve this problem?
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