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  1. Just bought Express Burn Video Plus 4.42 to create copies of DVDs but it seems that it can only copy data-DVD. I created my own video DVD using VideoPad and now I wish to create copies of it without the need to re-encode the entire stream. Any suggestions on how to do the copying of video-DVD's?
  2. Like some of the other forum members, I too encountered difficulties editing AVCHD files from my Panasonic camera. In my case, the frames appear blurred (sometimes totally smeared) in the preview window. And when I play back the video (before as well as after rendition) a couple of frames will be distorted at the clip junction ... causing a disturbing glitch. The suggestions from forum members is to convert the video format. I consider that a good workaround, but not a solution. I know that VP is one of the few applications that can handle HD video at all, but ... My question, therefore, is: has anyone heard whether NCH is planning to release a new version that fixes the various symptons that forum members have experienced when using AVCHD video?
  3. I had the same issue and this is what I did ... really simple ... and I'm using VP 4.21: 1. Click directly on the clip shown in the video track of the timeline (this will place the slider at the beginning of the clip), then 2. Add the new clip or still picture at the "slider's position". BTW, if by any chance your clip was already selected, clicking on it again will not move the slider. Therefore, click on a different clip on the video track first and then click on the clip in front of which you want to insert the new clip/still.
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